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Photographing the Yorkshire Coast

At the time of writing this, we’re in Coronavirus lockdown. Outside, the sun is shining and under any other circumstances, it would be an ideal time to visit the stunning coastline that Yorkshire has to offer. As that’s not possible, here’s some shots I was commissioned to take for Discover Yorkshire Coast - the tourism arm of Scarborough Borough Council. They wanted photography of the region’s stunning beaches, picturesque towns and villages, historic attractions and diverse calendar of events.

These shots were a joy to do, but required some very early starts, meticulous planning, and the usual sprinkling of ‘right place, right time’.

Whitby Abbey at night © Duncan Lomax Ravage Productions
Whitby Abbey night time

Scarborough sunset © Duncan Lomax Ravage Productions

Whitby steps © Duncan Lomax Ravage Productions
Whitby steps

The shots were used on posters, websites, social media campaigns and in Discover Coast’s brochure to attract visitors to the region.

Pages from tourism brochures photography by Duncan Lomax
Photography for Discover Coast by Duncan Lomax, Photographer

As a professional photographer, documenting the tourism sector for clients is one of my favourite activities, not just for the fabulous locations and the stunning images that come as a result, but for the people I meet along the way. Many become subjects of the photographs, many more stop me and ask advice for their own shots, but all of them appreciate the stunning beauty that the region provides. Enjoy these shots, and when the time is right, visit them in person.

These images required a wide range of skills - one minute I was a landscape photographer, the next I was a portrait photographer, and in-between, an architectural photographer and events photographer. All these very different genres require specific skills and varying equipment., but what they have in common is that I love making images like these and seeing them used in brochures, leaflets, websites and social media, to help my client, Discover Yorkshire Coast attract more visitors to the region.


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