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High fashion, but all is not as it seems

It costs money to look good right? Maybe not - read on..

This fashion shoot was done in the luxurious surroundings of the beautiful Principal Hotel in York. A huge thanks to the team there for letting us use the facilities. It was a relatively quick shoot, and we only had a couple of hours to cover a number of locations, but thanks to the fantastic Helen, Verity and Katie who were modelling for me, we had good fun and produced some great results. But all is not as it seems...

Here’s the thing - the models work or volunteer for St Leonard’s Hospice, and the clothes they’re wearing are actually from the charity’s chain of 13 shops. In these days of single-use everything, it’s surprising to see the quality of the clothes received by the charity.

Often brand new, unworn, or nearly-new items that are in perfect condition, there’s some real bargains to be had, in a massive stock that is ever changing.

Amongst the donations received are vintage classics, designer names and unique pieces.

But you’re not just saving money and getting a bargain by shopping at charity shops, you’re reducing the amount of material sent to landfill, you’re funding a charity, supporting local jobs, and contributing footfall to our high streets.

So before you splash out on that new outfit, why not support your local charity shop - you might not look as good as Helen, Katie and Verity, but if you do, give me a call and let’s do a photoshoot!

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