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A Bridge too far?

Warrington Transporter Bridge, built in 1915, but out of use since 1964, straddles a kink in the Mersey and was originally used to transport rail carriages and then vehicles, from one part of the plant to another.

It's an engineering marvel that should have queues of visitors, but despite being a grade 2* listed building, it’s rusting away, seemingly unloved.

Perhaps it’s the routes to the bridge that’s to blame - one is via a litter-strewn rat-run alleyway that looks like a crime scene from Line of Duty, and on through a working chemical plant, and the other is through a poorly signposted field followed by a trek through shoulder high knotweed and litter. Welcome to Warrington!

There’s only a handful of transporter bridges left in the UK, and this is the only surviving railway transporter in the world, so this could be the jewel in Warrington’s crown, but despite putting up a few brown tourist signs, and the valiant efforts of the Friends of Warrington Transporter Bridge, it seems it will remain a hidden gem until it one day drops into the Mersey below.

Documenting heritage projects is something I have a keen interest in - whether it's a derelict building, a demolition project, or an ancient monument, get in touch if you need someone to photograph a project you're involved in.

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