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Everything you need to know about your headshot.

Headshots are more important now than they've ever been. LinkedIn, Company websites, Intranet sites, Twitter, - everywhere you look you're required to put your mugshot up.

So be honest - how's yours looking?

Is it ten years old?

A selfie taken in the pub?

One of your wedding pictures?

A holiday photo?

A gormless-looking snap from your webcam that makes you look a bit dubious?

The first thing you found on your Facebook page?

And how does your business 'About Us' section look?

Like a Crimewatch line-up?

A bunch of faceless avatars?

A mixture of all the above?

It might be a cliche, but people still do business with people, and your clients want to know who they're talking to. Whether you work for yourself, or are part of a team, think about the image you're projecting - is it professional, and friendly - and does it suit your job? If you're delivering a less-welcome message around redundancies or the loss of a colleague, do you have a 'serious but professional' option amongst your headshots?

Here's a little help for you:

Headshot styles

Headshots come in all shapes and sizes, but for ease, I've split them down to the three most common types that I'm asked to do:

High-key, white background.

Professional, clean, versatile and forgiving. This type of headshot is ideal for businesses who want to portray a friendly, approachable team, or trust and integrity.

Low-key, black background.

Dark and moody, creative. Ideal for actors looking for dramatic roles, or if your business suits having a darker image. Graphic designers, artists, creatives, doormen, lots of people suit a darker-looking headshot, and sometimes it can focus the viewer on who you are, especially if you're in a more serious or senior role, but use with caution.

Environmental headshot

Less formal, unposed and basically, you doing what you do, or pictured in your own surroundings. If you're nervous about having your headshot done, this might be the best option for you. I'll work around you whilst you interact naturally with another member of your team and you'll get relaxed, natural looking headshots that show you at work.

Ready to upgrade your own headshot?

Read this post first, then get in touch for a professional, friendly (and painless) headshot session.

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