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Christmas at York Minster

Shooting at York Minster is always a pleasure, but working there at Christmas is something very special.

The various services present unique challenges – huge congregations, the cold, and some very dark scenarios which test any photographer.

My role is to see but not be seen – to capture everything, but not get in the way. I do this by liaising closely with the Clergy and vergers before any service, so I know exactly where everyone* will be and when, so I can position myself for the best shots.

Here’s a small selection of some of my favourites:

The Advent service sees the Minster gradually filled with light as the service starts off with a single candle which is then passed around the congregation as the choir sing at various points around the Minster:

The raising of the huge Advent Wreath:

The carol service is always a sell-out and features a brass band as well as the Minster choristers

....and even when there are no services taking place, there's a very special atmosphere:

These images have been used by the Minster for Christmas cards, web banners, promotional leaflets, press releases, posters and social media posts.

I don’t just photograph Christmas at the Minster however, other clients ranging from stately homes and councils to solicitors and small businesses often call on me for festive images for marketing campaigns and Christmas cards:

*unless Archbishop John Sentamu is taking the service, in which case, anything can happen and I have to be prepared for the unexpected!

Being a commercial photographer based in York, I photograph businesses of all sizes, so whether you’re one of the greatest cathedrals in the world, or a plumber from Yorkshire, I can photograph your business to give you engaging images that drive results. Get in touch to see how I can help.

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