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Front-line portraits

I've done lots of shoots for my chosen charity St Leonard's Hospice, but this one was a bit special.

At the height of the Covid crisis, whilst we were all out clapping the NHS, it seemed to me that hospice workers were not getting the recognition they deserved. Hospices are only part-funded by the NHS, the vast majority of their income comes from fundraising, and the general public perception seemed to be that they weren't front-line nurses.

Nothing could be further from the truth. These highly-trained specialists were right at the heart of healthcare during the crisis, and their job was made all the more difficult by the strict PPE requirements.

I'm grateful to the clinical team at St Leonard's for allowing me access to the nursing team as they donned their PPE ahead of another shift. These striking images tell the reality of hospice nursing during the crisis.

Here's some more of my work for St Leonard's Hospice, and to support them, please visit their website.

And here's how my home city of York looked during the height of lockdown


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