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Animal magic - portraits with a difference

I've shot all sorts of portraits and headshots, but this was a shoot with a difference.

The models were unprofessional, one of them had a poo whilst I was photographing him, and another refused to look at the camera. But it was all worth it to catch these great, characterful portraits of pets in need of re-homing at York's branch of the RSPCA.

It's not just dogs that the RSPCA look after, smaller pets get looked after and re-homed too...

Hands up who's a pretty boy...

I even had to make a rat look good - fortunately he smiled for me (I think), but he was also the one who squeezed a little poo out during the shoot so it might have just been relief...

This was a great shoot to do, and the RSPCA used the images in their social media to help re-home the animals. These lovely animals might not be available by the time you read this, but this great charity will unfortunately have other animals in need of re-homing, so why not get in touch with them, or with the RSPCA nationally.

For a more conventional shoot that I did recently, but one for another charity, have a look at this post.

Although the models didn't sit still, the techniques of producing these portraits was the same as if I was photographing people - I had to light them and photograph them correctly, but importantly, I also had to get my subject feeling at ease before I took a single shot. If I can make a rat look good, you shouldn't have to worry about me getting the best out of your staff, so if you need headshots, or PR portraits, why not get in touch, but please, don't have a poo whilst I'm photographing you...

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