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Rock the Barnet!

I first met Jess Steel whilst doing a PR shoot for a concert that she was performing in.

In a crowd of performers she immediately stood out - a flame red barnet, a clear nod to retro style and a ton of (good) attitude.

I then photographed the gig itself and heard her sing - what a voice!

Jess’s voice was even bigger than her hair. Think Adele meets Aretha, but with a sprinkling of Karen Carpenter too - an outstanding talent.

I photographed Jess a number of times after that, including a session with guitarist Oli McLaren - also a formidable talent with a haunting guitar sound.

The images were used on Jess' website:

In ‘real life’ Jess runs her own hairdressing salon, 'Rock the Barnet' and she called on me to do the shots for the salon's website.

I spent a couple of days with Jess and her great team producing shots of the salon at work, headshots, group shots and lots more.

What became apparent straight away was that all formality had to go out of the window - this was a really fun team and they needed pictures that showed that.

As a result we ended up with a unique set of headshots, and some great images. Huge thanks to the team there for joining in to make the shoot so effective. You can see all the shots here

Here's how a couple of the shots look on the website:

Whatever business you're in, it's important that your photography reflects who you are. Blowing bubble-gum bubbles isn't for everyone, but whatever business you're in, let's have a chat to see how best to portray you.

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