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High (vis) Fashion

High-visibility clothing may not be the height of fashion, but for anyone working in a hazardous environment, the clothing can be a life-saver.

I was commissioned by a top manufacturer of specialist protection clothing to photograph their range, providing product shots to show the various safety details, and on-location shoots to show the products in use.

This took a considerable logistical effort, and shoots were done in Oxfordshire and Humberside.

A particular challenge for me was keeping colour accuracy of the products, and avoiding reflections when photographing the high-visibility elements with flash.

The result was a series of images that the client loved, and which showed off their products to their target audience.

Producing strong, creative images is something I strive for, and the following couple of shots show how, with the use of some creative lighting, dramatic images can be produced suitable for advertising, posters etc.

The warehouse was a typical working space as this camera-phone shot shows, but with a little creativity, and a few lights, I turned this...

..into this...

Whatever business you're in, strong images are the first thing your clients or customers will see. To book a shoot or to discuss your needs, please get in touch.

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