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Make mine a large one

A client recently asked if they could buy a print to adorn a new city centre let. Nothing unusual in that, except the print was to go into a long entrance hallway, so needed to be over 3m wide!

Initial thoughts of city panoramas seemed to be too obvious, so I suggested they go with something a little different - a montage of many of York's sights, all brought together in one picture.

The final image required over twenty shots, all taken at around about the same time of day and in similar lighting, so not as easy to achieve as first thought, and there's several hours of post-processing work, but the result is a spectacular canvas that the client loves.

They chose a mono version to complement the contemporary decor of the apartments, but here's the shot in colour.

All the effort was worth it just to receive the irate comment from a twitter user who said "I'm not having it, this has obviously been photoshopped"

Well spotted Sherlock.

The finished canvas now hangs in the hallway of 10 St Mary's - a luxurious and beautifully restored house in York that's available to let. See if you can spot the canvas on the virtual tour at

If you have an unusual space to fill, or are just looking for something different, get in touch, would love to hear from you.

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