Glassolutions - working at height

June 14, 2018

When Glassolutions, part of Saint-Gobain Building Glass UK&I – the largest processor, distributor, installer and repairer of glass and glazing systems in the UK were asked to change a window in an apartment block, I was asked by Partners PR agency to document the process.


At first I thought it was a normal shoot, until I realised the window in question was 30 storeys high, would require a road closure, a highly skilled team, a special crane and nerves of steel...


My role was to document the whole process, gaining shots of the team working at height, and capturing the whole process.


This was no ordinary installation, and a complex logistics operation ensured that as the specialist crane arrived from Europe, a system of road closures, temporary traffic lights and diversions were put in place, right in the heart of Sheffield.


 The crane arrived and was put into place:


The team inspect the damaged glass inside the apartment, high above Sheffield:



Safety is paramount on a job like this and the team all wore protective equipment, and the team inside the apartment were tethered to the building itself:



The external team is raised into position on the huge crane:


 Cool as cucumbers and the understatement of the year "steady with that glass"...


The damaged glass is carefully removed: