On reflection - a different view of York Minster

January 2, 2019

I've photographed York Minster from every conceivable angle. I've been inside, outside, underneath, up towers, inside hidden passages, looked down from a hot air balloon, shot it from miles away and from inches away.


But I'm always drawn to reflections, not just of the Minster, but of any subject. Reflections provide a different viewpoint - they distort shapes and colours, exchange left for right and top for bottom, meaning that as a photographer, they give me a different view of any subject, however familiar I think I am with it.


This shot recently racked up over 1000 likes on the Minster's facebook page, having been shared over 150 times, so it's not just me that likes them!:

It's a familiar view, but with a twist courtesy of the puddle.


And from the other side, the view is just as impressive:

But sometimes it's the less obvious reflections, like the view in a passing truck window, a wet pavement, the reflection on the bonnet of the Mayor's car or in a nearby window: