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Got Wood?

I had the great pleasure of meeting and photographing Sam Parkin of Last Leaf Furniture recently.

Sam creates stunning and unique hardwood pieces that combine art and function beautifully.

The business is based in a workshop just outside York, but I met Sam during a takeover of the delightful Lotte Inch Gallery.

Sam talked passionately about his raw materials, his techniques and it was fascinating to photograph him at work.

These shots are intended to capture Sam and his craft, so they rely strongly on a creative use of lighting to highlight texture and focus the viewer on the skill and concentration required to produce these stunning pieces.

To find out more about Last Leaf furniture, visit their website

I'm fascinated by watching skilled people at work, whatever their trade or skill.

Getting that across in an image can help instil confidence in a business and improve customer understanding of what a business does behind the scenes.

To see more skilled people at work, have a look at this post.

If your business relies on the skill of your team, why not get in touch.

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