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Shoot for the Royal Shakespeare Company

I was delighted to be commissioned to shoot the dress rehearsal of the RSC's production of 'The Hypocrite' in Hull recently.

It was a last-minute commission, and as I hadn't seen rehearsals of the play, I wasn't familiar with the story, or the action that was about to unfold in front of me.

I only had one chance to shoot it, though, so it required me to keep one eye on the camera, and the other eye on the action happening on stage - quite a feat!

The other challenge I had is that the production was brilliant and hilariously funny. Well acted, produced and directed, I had to keep reminding myself to keep shooting rather than just enjoying the play.

It was great to work with Director Philip Breen and designer Max Jones again after I had previously shot their production of the York Mystery Plays - more here

The play received rave reviews and was completely sold out. My shots (and those of fellow photographer Pete le May), appeared in numerous publications including The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Stage, York Press, Hull Daily Mail and many more.

Whatever you need from a photographer - flexibility, and the ability to watch and interpret what is happening around them are key skills. Why not get in touch to discuss your own needs?

Caroline Quentin as Lady Sarah

Images are © RSC

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